All Myoskeletal courses are NCBTMB approved

Complete Dalton Library


96 CE hours & online tests


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96 CE hours & printed tests


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Includes 5 Home-Study courses, “Certified Myoskeletal Therapist” credentials and diplomas, the Motion Is Lotion 3 DVD set, Plus the 2 DVD set for Shoulder, Arm & Hand.

Foundational Home-Study Bundle


80 CE hours & online tests


See sale page for discounts on Bundles

80 CE hours & printed tests


See sale page for discounts on Bundles

Includes 3 home-study courses: Posture Pain, Upper Body and Lower Body with “Certified Myoskeletal Therapist” diplomas and credentials.

Individual Home-Study Courses



20 CE hours – online test


20 CE hours – printed test


Most clients/patients have postural problems and mobility issues that may result in chronic pain. By combining Erik Dalton’s techniques with Janda’s simplified assessment formula, therapists can quickly identify and correct common pain-producing conditions such as neck cricks, dowager’s humps, scoliosis, and forward head and ‘swayback’ postures. Specially designed for practicing bodyworkers, these techniques will add value to your skill-set, boost customer satisfaction, and increase referrals.

NCBTMB approved Posture & Pain Myoskeletal Therapist Certification.

Upper Body

22 CE hours – online test


22 CE hours – printed test


Join Erik Dalton as he explores the fascinating world of upper body compensatory patterns and reflexogenic pain. Brought to you in dazzling detail, this handsome home-study program will show how to localize down to the dysfunctional lesion to help with chronic client complaints.

NCBTMB approved Upper Body Myoskeletal Therapist Certification includes 2 CE Ethics Course.

Lower Body

32 CE hours – online test


32 CE hours – printed test


A myoskeletal mechanic doesn’t just treat plantar fasciitis, bum knees, painful SI joints or functional scoliosis in isolation but searches for compensatory kinks that initiate pain-spasm-pain cycles. This impressive 9-piece DVD collection takes you to the heart of many chronic low, back, hip & leg pain conditions.

NCBTMB approved Lower Body Myoskeletal Therapist Certification.

Dalton Technique Tour

3-DVD set plus manual

16 CE hours – printed test only


This 3-DVD set plus step-by-step manual was formulated for the in-the-trenches massage and bodyworkers. Each technique is sectioned so you can easily locate and practice a particular maneuver until you get it.

NCBTMB approved

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Professional Ethics for the Modern Manual Therapist

Professional Ethics – 6 CE


This interesting home-study ethics program presents relevant information every body worker should know. It highlights key areas affecting manual therapists and their role in the client/therapist relationship. includes content on professionalism, Legal issues, roles and boundaries, confidentiality, business practice and prevention of sexual misconduct. 6 CEs NCBTMB approved.

(Included FREE with the Complete Dalton Library Bundle)



Myoskeletal Alignment Techniques

Posture – Pain – Performance


Designed for working pain management therapists, this comprehensive text incorporates deep-tissue, joint-stretching and muscle-energy techniques immediately applicable in any massage, chiropractic or sports-medicine practice.


Advanced Myoskeletal Technique

Advanced Myoskeletal


This 408-page full color, hardcover textbook offers the practitioner with a simple, step-by-step formula for correcting head, neck, visceral, and chronic back pain. Over three hundred vibrant 3-D anatomy illustrations, human dissection images. It has photos of Erik Dalton performing each technique with detailed instructions, including Dalton’s famous “Dirty Dozen”.


Dynamic Body

Dynamic Body


This handsome desk or table textbook teaches manual and functional movement theory, assessment and technique for all bodyworkers and movement specialists. Beautiful coffee table quality volume is the first to blend Myoskeletal Techniques with Functional Movement. With over 400 full-color pages, this very popular text includes dramatic graphics and technique photos from some of the top educators in the industry. The impressive contributors are Erik Dalton, Tom Myers, Art Riggs, James Waslaski, Gil Hedley, Jerry Hesch, Judiith Aston, Craig Liebenson, Til Luchau, Adjo Zorn, Serge Gracovetsky, Robert Irvin, Aaron Mattes, Robert Schleip, Adjo Zorn, Aline Newton, Divo Muller and Kai Hodek.


“Dalton Trilogy” 3 Book Set

The Dalton Trilogy Collection


The Freedom From Pain Institute® is proud to present Erik’s long-awaited “Dalton Trilogy.” These handsome educational hardcover textbooks not only elevate your skill-set, but also make perfect waiting room reading material to display your scholastic endeavors.

DVD Sets


Motion Is Lotion

3 DVD set


Join Erik Dalton and his special guest Paul Kelly, as they bring on the “lotion” to restore “motion” to stuck fascial layers, adhesive joint capsules and injured ligaments through Myoskeletal techniques and home retraining exercises.


Advanced Shoulder Arm & Hand

2 DVD set


Beat Pain at its own game with Erik Dalton’s 65 sports therapy, structural integration and pain management techniques for relieving chronic muscle spasm caused by joint blockage. Follow Dalton’s two-step protocol for assessing and correcting painful shoulders, elbows, wrists and hands.



Dalton’s Dirty Dozen Poster and Workbook Set

2 piece set


2 part set includes a beautiful 2 ft. x 3 ft. poster illustrating the 12 effective Myoskeletal techniques along with detailed step by step instructions for each.


2 Poster Set

2 poster set


Flexion Addiction Poster

Show clients the problems caused by our flexion-addicted society, sitting glued to the computer day-after-day. Emphasizes the importance of movement and manual therapy.
18 x 24″ laminated wall poster.

42 Pound Head Poster

Show clients the importance of correcting and preventing forward head posture. Illustrates how every inch of forward head posture can increase the weight of the head on the spine by and additional 10 pounds.
18 x 24″ laminated wall poster.