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Dynamic Body®

Exploring Form, Expanding Function

“The Dynamic Body textbook seeks to reflect current understanding and knowledge from innovators and leaders in biomechanics, fascial anatomy, functional movement, and manipulative therapy. Their work has invoked a renewed passion for an integrated clinical model that reinforces the inherent partnership of human structure and function. Working closely with individuals of this caliber over the years has been my reward.”

Erik Dalton

Contributing Authors:

Judith Aston Craig Liebenson • Divo G. Muller
• Serge Gracovetsky Til Luchau Art Riggs
• Robert Irvin • Aaron Mattes • Robert Schleip
Gil Hedley • Tom Myers James Waslaski
• Jerry Hesch • Aline Newton • Adjo Zorn
• Kai Hodeck Erik Dalton - Golf

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Dynamic Body Testimonials

“There are lots of good new books, but I have to give a shout out to Erik Dalton's brand new compendium, Dynamic Body.  Built around Erik's concepts, the book includes contributions from luminaries in the structural world, including Serge Gracovetsky, Craig Liebenson, Aaron Mattes, Robert Schleip, James Waslaski, Judith Aston, Gil Hedley, and a number of others I am eagerly reading because I should have known about them.  And of course there's an Anatomy Trains update from yours truly.

This book is fiendishly clever - the graphics are so good and so plentiful that the book is immediately attractive to all levels of reader, but deceptively so: the master practitioners represented here take you deep into the intricacies of each subject.  Erik's chapters - beguilingly about specialized items like the golf swing, bicycling, and wearing heels - soon expand the reader's mind to all the possible applications of the information.  The end result is exactly as advertised: the body's dynamics analyzed from a number of points of view that synergize to form an exciting whole.

This book is so well-designed, so easily accessed, very practical (filled with well illustrated applications to both hands-on and training), yet so very far-reaching that we have broken our usual rule of only selling my stuff to include this book for a limited time in our store.  

Highly recommended as a cutting edge summary that will nevertheless come to hand regularly for years to come.  Erik has done an inclusive and generous job of summarizing his years of exploration. This book is a challenge: expand into the competencies exhibited in it.”  
Thomas Myers, Director: Kinesis

"I really can’t say enough good things about this book. 
There is something to learn in each of the twenty chapters and each of the author’s unique contribution is greatly appreciated. Both bodywork and movement practitioners will stand to benefit from this book as it embodies a multi-disciplinary approach that is greatly needed to not only get people out of pain but also restore function and improve health."

Patrick Ward, MS CSCS LMT 

"I just received my copy of Erik's new Dynamic Body, and I am stoked!! This book has thunk-value for any lover of books and body work practitioner, the production value is VERY high, and the group of authors is a stellar combination each with decades of experience in their fields (me included!!) Your $ will be very well spent on this if you are a therapist in search of insight, technique, and mentorship from the industries best, it is a quality text with quality content to engage you~ Thank you Erik!!! Just tootin' a horn worth tootin'! "
Gil Hedley, Ph.D.


"Erik, Your book is spectacular!!!!!!!!!!!!! even more so than I could imagine. It will become an epic reference for masses of therapists, coaches, fitness trainers, et al. You have truly given a gift of insight and cutting edge works to the world. Hopefully you are feeling SO PROUD of your vision and dedication to the journey. I am feeling so proud just to be part of your extraordinary project. Kudos Erik."
Judith Aston MFA, Aston Kinetics

“Very impressive! I sniffed everything especially where I know corners are usually cut or rounded. The cover design, the fonts, the paper quality, the ink colors, the uniformity of the layout, the redrawing of the images, etc... To my great distress (you know, French people like to find fleas in the hairs of everybody else), it was just right. Conclusion: This is as close to perfection as I have ever seen.”   
Serge Gracovetsky, Ph.D.

"The book really looks fantastic! No need for psychic talents to predict that it will be a leading bestseller in the field. When Tom Myers was visiting me last weekend, we had a great time playing around with the Fascial Fitness stuff; but he already prepared me for the book by telling me how impressed he is with the overall design and content of it. Good work mate!!"
Robert Schleip, Ph.D.