Erik Dalton Home Study Courses for Continuing Education Credits

Dynamic Body 32 CE Home-Study-Course


Myoskeletal Alignment Home-Study Course

Certification - 32 CEs

"Dynamic Body captured the writings of influential pioneers such as Tom Myers, Serge Gracovetsky, Art Riggs, James Waslaski, Judith Aston, Gil Hedley, Robert Schleip, Jerry Hesch, Aaron Mattes, Aline Newton, Adjo Zorn, Robert Irvin, Divo Muller, Til Luchau and Craig Liebenson. These forward-thinking clinicians and researchers have been influential figures in my work and played a substantial role in the concepts presented in the 6-DVD Myoskeletal Alignment set." Erik Dalton


Home Study for Posture & Pain

This best-selling 7-piece home-study package teaches routines for finding/fixing neck and low-back pain patterns. The set includes a colorful 3-DVD set, 247 page illustrated manual, assessment book, and Certified Myoskeletal Therapist diploma. This also includes free 2 CE ethics course.


Home Study for Head, Neck and Upper Body

This widely acclaimed 6 piece advanced home-study course includes 2 professionally produced DVDs with immediately applicable muscle / joint modalities, State-of-the-art computer animation and anatomy dissection video clips. Also included is a full color Textbook with over 300 pages of photos, illustrations, techniques and dissection images.

This also includes a free 6 CE ethics course.


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Complete set includes basic and advanced certification with 80 CE hours.
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Dynamic Body Bundle
Includes basic and advanced massage therapist certification and 80 CEs.


Massage Ethics Course

for the Modern Manual Therapist

Workbook with test (6 CE Hours) NCBTMB approved

This interesting home-study ethics program presents relevant information every body worker should know. It highlights key areas affecting manual therapists and their role in the client/therapist relationship.

Ethics Course Content and Time Frame

Professionalism 1 Hour
Legal 1 Hour
Roles & Boundaries 2 Hours
Confidentiality .5 Hour
Business Practice .5 Hour
Prevention of Sexual Misconduct 1 Hour

NOTE: THIS COURSE COVERS ALL NATIONAL RECERTIFICATION REQUIREMENTS FOR ETHICS. It is also approved by the Florida Board of Health (50-790) and most State certifying agencies.


"I highly recommend Erik Dalton’s Myoskeletal Techniques to all my students. MAT helps them handle frustrating neck and low back pain challenges they see in the workplace every day.”

Jim Asher
Advanced Rolfing® Instructor, Rolf Institute®

“Erik Dalton demystifies structural bodywork leaving the practitioner with a simple, step-by-step formula for treating head, neck, low back, and hip pain.”

Aaron Mattes, MS, LMT
Author, Active Isolated Stretching

“Erik Dalton’s manual has more useful information on anatomy, assessment, and muscle/joint biomechanics than most books I read in medical school and orthopedic training. It is clear, concise and presented systematically so massage therapists can apply the information the same day in their bodywork practices.”

Calvin Johnson, MD
Orthopedic Sports Surgeon

"I have found Erik Dalton's presentation skills and practical application of specific therapeutic techniques to be some of the best in the field in the last 25 years. His seminars and tapes will be a vital contribution to your bodywork practice in uniqueness, quality and results.”

Dr. Robert Groves
Director, Oklahoma School of Natural Healing


Myoskeletal Alignment for
Low Back Hip & Leg Pain

This impressive 6 DVD collection takes you to the heart of many chronic pain conditions. A perfect addition to any sports medicine; massage therapy, structural integration, physical therapy, and personal training or bodywork practice.


Advanced Myoskeletal Techniques for Shoulder, Arm and Hand Pain

Beat Pain at its own game with Erik Dalton’s 65 sports therapy, structural integration and pain management techniques for releasing chronic muscle spasm caused by joint blockage. Follow Dalton’s two-step protocol for assessing and correcting painful shoulders, elbows, wrists and hands.

1. Joint mobilization routines for fibrotic joint capsules, ligaments and muscles

2. Deep tissue, muscle energy and neuro-receptor techniques for torn tendons and nerve impingement syndromes.



NEW… Revised Second Edition

Erik Dalton Advanced Myoskeletal Techniques Textbook only $87.95!

Energize Your Practice—Enhance Your Skills—Empower Your Clients

Erik Dalton’s Advanced Myoskeletal Techniques will revolutionize your approach to treating complex pain and injury conditions. The 344 page full color illustrated book eloquently blends exciting new muscle/joint research with eighty innovative hands-on techniques…a perfect addition to any sports medicine, structural integration or medical massage practice.

Additional contributions from manual therapy leaders such as Aaron Mattes, Whitney Lowe and Ross Pope, DO enhance this intelligent, user-friendly text making it a great boon of reading for the professional, passionate therapist.


A must have resource for every
massage therapist, sports therapist and
structural integrator.

Dynamic Body

Exploring Form, Expanding Function

“The Dynamic Body textbook seeks to reflect current understanding and knowledge from innovators and leaders in biomechanics, fascial anatomy, functional movement, and manipulative therapy. Their work has invoked a renewed passion for an integrated clinical model that reinforces the inherent partnership of human structure and function. Working closely with individuals of this caliber over the years has been my reward.”

Erik Dalton

It is a great honor to be involved with the following panel of distinguished contributors:

Judith Aston Craig Liebenson • Divo G. Muller
• Serge Gracovetsky Til Luchau Art Riggs
• Robert Irvin • Aaron Mattes • Robert Schleip
Gil Hedley • Tom Myers • James Waslaski
• Jerry Hesch • Aline Newton • Adjo Zorn
• Kai Hodeck Erik Dalton - Golf

All pre-orders will be autographed by Erik Dalton


Massage Therapy Wall Posters

Myoskeletal Alignment Poster

Forward heads and rounded shoulders are the most common postural faults treated by bodyworkers. Myoskeletal pain syndromes develop from tension, trauma and poor ergonomics. Society’s transitions from and active group of movers to a sedentary bunch of sitters has created a flexion-addicted population with bodies at war with gravity.

This large, colorful wall poster will educate your clients on the effects of poor postural patterns, and how important it is to restore symmetry in the body.

Credit goes to Vladimir Janda, MD for research and development of the Upper and Lower Cross Syndrome.

2 ft. x 3 ft, laminated wall poster.


NEW Dirty Dozen Poster & Workbook Set

Erik Dalton developed the “Dirty Dozen” Myoskeletal Techiques for Upper Cross Syndrome as a first line of defense against chronic Neck, Scapular and Rib Pain. This two part set includes a 2 ft. x 3 ft. laminated wall poster illustrating the techniques and a 12 page manual that goes into detail on each technique with full color images and step-by-step instructions for each. Hope you enjoy this handsome wall poster for your office.

A beautiful 2 ft. x 3 ft. Laminated wall poster illustrating the 12 effective Myoskeletal Alignment techniques for chronic neck, scapula and rib pain.

Along with this is a 12 page workbook that shows the techniques in full color along with detailed step-by-step instructions for each.


Two Poster Set

Flexion Addition Poster

Shows the problems caused by our Flexion-addicted society…sitting glued to the computer day-after-day. Emphasizes the importance of movement and manual therapy.
13 x 19" Laminated Wall Poster.

42 Pound Head Poster

Show clients the importance of correcting or preventing forward head posture. Illustrates that for every inch of forward head posture, it can increase the weight of the head on the spine by and additional 10 pounds.
18 x 24" Laminated Wall Poster.