Use these handy time markers to locate the specific treatment
techniques on the Level 4 Dynamic Body 6 DVD
set as demonstrated by Erik Dalton

Disc 1: Myoskeletal Mechanic

Section 1 – Spinal Engine Theory and Myoskeletal Corrections

4:00 Gait Assessment – Cross Pattern Gait
14:35 Assess and Treat Spinal Engine
15:00 Sidebending Test
15:50 Forward Bending Assessment
16:48 Forward Bending and Stork Tests
19:18 Anatomical Landmarks
19:55 Navicular Supination/Pronation Spring Test
21:31 Spinal Evaluation (seated)
24:25 Rib Spring Technique
31:07 Groove Work
34:00 Groove Work and Sidebending
37:00 Sacral Base Decompression
39:35 Seated Iliosacral Alignment

Disc 2: Fixing Kinetic Kinks

Section 2 – Supine Assessments

0:50 Short Leg Assess
2:27 Internal and External Rotation of Femurs
4:00 Pelvic Assessments
4:18 Anterior Superior Iliac Spine
5:19 Greater Trochanter Height
6:19 Crest Height
7:21 Ilium Spring Test
9:48 Sacroiliac Spring Test
11:06 S.I. Joint Hypermobility Test

Section 2A – Feet and Ankles Assess and Treat

1:00 Calcaneal Mobilization
1:39 Talus – Supination/Pronation
2:42 Figure 8 Ankle Mobilization
4:13 Mobilize Navicular and Cuboid
5:00 Mobilize Metatarsals
6:40 Leg Off Table Mobilization of Navicular & Cuboid Subtalar Joint
9:49 Fascial Balancing Work
13:00 Retinaculum Unwinding

Section 2B, Knees Assess and Treat

2:21 Lateral Side to Side Joint Play (Off table)
3:06 Tibial Glide (Shelf Test) Sit on Foot
4:07 Tibular Glide Assess and Treat
5:33 Interosseous Membrane Tib/Fib
7:07 Assess tibia gliding on femur, and femur on tibia
8:47 Ida Rolf’s Log Roll
13:11 Patellofemoral syndrome ITB, and Vastus Lateralis

Disc 3: Bone and Belly Work

Section 2C – Pelvis and Abdomen

1:28 Mobilizing Femur in Acetabulum (leg straight)
3:00 Mobilizing Hip Joint
7:13 DonTigney’s SI Joint Routine (anterior/inferior, laterally)
9:40 Drive hip down..anterior/inferior and laterally.
12:00 Explanation of how a short leg appears on anteriorly rotated side
13:33 Inflare and Outflare Dysfunction
16:09 Bellywork – moving rectus abdominus to midline and scooping diaphragm
19:46 Psoas work
23:00 Iliacus Release
25:00 Anterior Spiral Spring System – internal and external obliques

Section 2D – Closing Stretches

00:36 Trunk Flexion
1:07 Hip Rotation
1:46 Piriformis Stretch
2:50 Hamstring Stretches
4:08 Piriformis Alternate Routine
5:17 Adductors
5:40 Adductor Magnus
6:30 Pubic Symphysis Adjustment
7:28 Balance Greater Trochanter
7:43 Upslip Correction
9:01 Counter Rotate Torso and Pelvis

Section 3A – Feet and Ankle Assess and Treat Prone

0:30 Check Leg Length Prone
1:45 Derifield Maneuver and Cervical Syndromes
4:28 Check Internal and External Rotation
5:55 Treat Ankles and Spring Navicular
7:07 Mobilize Achilles Tendon and Calcaneous
8:30 Soleus/Gastroc and Tibialis Posterior Stretch
10:42 Spindle Stimulating Technique
13:26 Plantar Fascia Work

Disc 4: Sacroiliac Syndromes

Sectiong 3B – Knees and Hips Prone

0:23 Treat Pineapples (medial knee)
3:38 Hamstring work, pin and stretch longitudinal
6:08 Horizontal Fascial release of Hamstrings
8:44 Mobilize Axis of Hip Joint
12:00 Mobilize Sacral Base
13:00 Figure 4 and Spring Hip Capsule for High Sacral Base
15:47 Spindle Stimulating Technique – Gluteus Maxmimus
17:21 Ida Rolf’s Femoroacetabular Decompression
19:40 Assess Lumbar Spine and Facet Joint Mobilization
22:51 Piriformis and SI Joint Release
23:00 Pin and Stretch Piriformis and Deep 6 External Rotators

Section 3C – Pelvis Prone

1:40 Assess Pelvic Ligaments
2:00 Sacrotuberous Assess and Treat
6:20 Iliolumbar and Long Sorsal SI Joint Ligaments
8:40 Sacrococcygeal and Pubbococcygeal Ligaments
10:00 Coccyx…assess and treat
12:07 Sacral Roll – Decompression
16:20 Spring Test SI and Iliosacral joints
24:12 Lumbar Spring Test
25:30 Sphynx Position (lumbars in extension) treat facets that won’t close
28:00 Restore Proper Lumbar Lumbar Curve
30:21 Restore Proper Thoracic Curve

Disc 5: Toning the Core and Pelvic Floor

Section 4A – Ankles and Knees Sidebending

1:30 Treat Ankle Ligaments
2:37 Tibialis Anterior
4:20 Peroneus Longis and Intermuscular Septa
6:52 Interosseous Membrane
9:00 Treat Lateral Knee and ITB
11:58 Treat Medial Knee
13:32 Janda’s Hip Abductor Test
21:41 Tensor Fascia Lata
26:23 Piriformis Sidelying at Trochanter
32:30 Strip Adductors and Test Pelvic Floor Dysfunction
38:44 QL Releases and Stretches
45:00 Acute Back Pain
49:28 Rehabilitation Exercises: “The Clam” to Strengthen Glut Med & Minimus

Disc 6: Unlocking Lumbars (Sidelying)

Section 4B – SI Joints and Lumbar Spine

0:52 Unilateral Flexed Sacrum and SI joint Muscle Energy Routines
4:13 Unilateral Extended Sacrum Treatment
8:32 Align Anteriorly Rotated Ilium
9:55 Springing Ribs
10:48 Facet Joint Mobilization in Fetal Position
15:29 Hip Flexor Stretches
21:40 Hip Capsule Adhesions
23:51 Latissimus Dorsi Stretch

Section 4C – Sacroiliac and Low Back Routines,
Muscle Energy Techniques

0:59 Stretch Opposite Side QL
2:47 Miracle Roll Moilize Lumbar Spine

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Thank you to Tora Cass Routhier, LMT, a Certified Myoskeletal Therapist from Orlando Florida for the hard work she put in to document the time points to find all of these techniques from the DVD set.