Myoskeletal Alignment 2 DVD set for Head, Neck and Back

Do your clients suffer from tension, trauma, poor posture?
Improve your pain management skills with Erik Dalton’s “3 Lines of Defense” for chronic myoskeletal pain. The two-disk set includes Dalton’s “Dirty Dozen techniques”, Myoskeletal Zone Therapy, and Receptor Techniques for difficult necks caused by conditions such as whiplash, migraines, scoliosis, dowager’s hump and dural drag. You will also learn immediately applicable muscle/joint modalitites. Includes state-of-the-art animations and anatomy dissection video clips.

PLEASE NOTE: The content of this DVD set is the same as the original Volume II Advanced Myoskeletal Head and Neck (2-disk) DVD set. The packaging has been recently updated to match the New 3rd edition Advanced Myoskeletal Techniques textbook

DVDs Only $130.00

Myoskeletal Techniques for Shoulder, Arm, and Hand Pain

Beat Pain at its own game with Erik Dalton’s 65 sports therapy, structural integration and pain management techniques for relieving chronic muscle spasm caused by joint blockage. Follow Dalton’s two-step protocol for assessing and correcting painful shoulders, elbows, wrists and hands.

Disk 1: Joint mobilization routines for fibrotic joint capsules, ligaments and muscles

Disk 2: Deep tissue, muscle energy and neuro-receptor techniques for torn tendons and nerve impingement syndromes.


DVD Set $130.00

Myoskeletal Alignment for
Low Back Hip & Leg Pain

This impressive 6-piece DVD collection takes you to the heart of many chronic pain conditions. A perfect addition to any sports medicine, massage therapy, structural integration, physical therapy, personal training, or bodywork practice.


DVD Set Introductory Price: $295.00

The Dalton Technique Tour

The Dalton Technique Tour

3 DVD set plus step-by-step full color manual designed to boost hands-on pain management skills. Formulated for the in-the-trenches massage and bodyworkers.


3 DVDs Plus Color Manual $240.00

Motion Is Lotion

Motion Is Lotion

Join Erik Dalton and special guest Paul Kelly, as they bring the "lotion" to restore "motion" to stuck fascial layers, adhesive joint captules and injured ligaments.


3 DVDS only $195.00

Myoskeletal Techniques for Posture & Pain

The beautiful marriage of Erik Dalton’s techniques with Janda’s simplified assessment formula helps therapists quickly identify and correct common pain-producing conditions such as neck cricks, dowager’s humps, scoliosis, and forward head and ‘swayback’ postures. Specially designed for practicing massage and bodyworkers, these dynamic techniques will add value to your skill-set, boost customer satisfaction, and increase referrals.

3 DVD set $195.00

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Bundle all
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Dalton Myoskeletal Techniques DVD Bundle

All above DVD sets and includes the Technique Tour Manual

19 DVDs $1,066