Level 2 Myoskeletal Alignment Techniques®
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Advanced Course
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Advanced Myoskeletal Therapist (Level 2 Certification)

26 CE Hours

advanced home study
  • State of the art DVDs
  • Advanced Textbook
  • Test online or by mail
  • FREE 6 CE Ethics Course
  • Advanced Myoskeletal Therapist Diploma

Approved CEUs for organizations such as AMTA, ABMP, NCBTMB (#157429), the Florida Department of Health (#MCE-249) and most state certifying agencies.

Programs can be taken in any order. The original course is more introductory in nature. This Advanced training is even more visual than the original course: DVD computer animation, human dissection, hundreds of photos and illustrations. It can be taken before the original Myoskeletal Volume One IF the therapist:

  • graduated from a 250-500 hour massage therapy certified school

  • or has 3 years or more of clinical practice.

Designed for the professional, passionate bodywork therapist, this beautifully produced course incorporates seventy-six innovative deep tissue, assisted stretching, joint mobilization, and muscle strengthening techniques. This stunning 6-piece home study package includes: three hours of broadcast quality video (DVD or VHS), Advanced massage textbook, multiple-choice test, free home-study ethics course, and upon program completion, a handsome “Advanced Myoskeletal Therapist” diploma.

View a Level 2 Video Clip

Follow Dalton through his very popular “Dirty-Dozen” cervicothoracic routines: Myoskeletal Zone Therapy for twisted diaphragms and Advanced Receptor Techniques for complex upper quadrant pain. Learn immediately applicable deep tissue techniques for clients suffering neck, scapula, back, and visceral pain. Special dissection video, computer animation, and lively demos help massage therapists determine if pain originates from muscles, ligaments, joint capsules, or nerve impingement. Study practical assessment techniques for painful conditions such as:

  • Neck “Cricks”
  • Head and Rib Pain
  • Whiplash
  • Dowager’s Hump
  • Sports Injuries
  • Hiatal Hernias
  • Thoracic Outlet
  • Scoliosis
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Postural Disorders


"If you want to learn more, heal more and achieve more for your patients, clients, athletics, and yourself, hook your self to Erik Dalton and strap yourself in, and hang on for the ride of a lifetime."

Perry Isenberg
Partner in Performance Health, manufactures of Biofreeze® and Prossage®.

“Dr. Dalton’s manual has more useful information on anatomy, assessment, and muscle/ joint biomechanics than most books I read in medical school and orthopedic training. It is clear, concise and presented systematically so therapists can apply the information the same day in their bodywork practices.”

Calvin Johnson, MD
Orthopedic Sports Surgeon


"Innovative deep tissue, assisted stretching, joint mobilization, and muscle strengthening techniques highlight this user-friendly office reference book and accompanying DVDs. Additional contributions from manual therapy leaders such as Aaron Mattes, Whitney Lowe and Ross Pope, DO enhance this intelligently written text designed for the professional, passionate therapist. Erik Dalton’s structurally-oriented pain management strategies are presented clearly, concisely and systematically for easy integration into the working therapist’s daily practice."

Darren Allen, PT, LMT, Los Angeles

"Using Erik Dalton’s three lines of defense for chronic myoskeletal pain the—"dirty dozen" techniques, myoskeletal zone therapy and neuro-receptor routines–therapists will enhance their skills in correcting complex pain conditions. Rated 10 our of 10"


-Review from Massage Today Magazine

TO EARN Certification AND 26 Education credits/ CE hours:

  • Order the Programs via Internet or toll-free 800-709-5054.

  • Review the videos and follow the manual to answer the multiple-choice questions. We want to know that you read the material we deem most important.

  • Perform the “hands-on” tests on three clients or friends at your home or office.

  • Take the certification test online or by mail.

  • Upon successful program completion, you receive a handsome Level 1 or advanced “Myoskeletal Massage Therapist Certificate”, suitable for framing.

Level 2: Advanced
Myoskeletal Course

Advanced Course with 26 CE Hours only $248
advanced home studyWithout CE hours $197.95
DVDs Only $118.95

Order the Advanced Homestudy program

26 CE Hours only $248
  With Online Tests Order
  With Printed Tests Order
Without CE Hours $ 197.95 Order
DVDs Only $118.95 Order
A Visual Learning Experience!
DVD computer animation, human tissue and muscle dissection, hundreds of photos and illustrations.

  • Two state of the art videos or DVDS

  • Advanced Bodywork Textbook

  • Advanced Myoskeletal Therapist Diploma

  • Multiple Choice test

  • Free 6 CE hours Ethics Course

Myoskeletal Alignment Techniques Certification Programs

No Time Limit Upon Completion

Level I Home Study Package

Myoskeletal Alignment Vol. 1$288 /tests and 22 CE hours
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  With Printed Tests Order
$198 Without CE hours Order

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